A creative writing trip to London

It’s such an impressive & eclectic Metropole  -  you can´t get enough of it!

For 3 nights our small “creative writing class” of 6 students + 2 teachers stayed in a central hostel next to Kings Cross. The building was a really cool, old courthouse with a cosy TV-room and small but comfortabel sleeping rooms.

When having breakfast in the morning we exchanged perceptions, roughly sketched our daily rota and then went outside to collect unforgettable impressions. The Houses of Parliament, St. James Park and the Modern Tate Museum are only some places we’ve been to. We had lots of fun loafing around in Camden Town, buying things at the market and having lunch at the riverside. Furthermore we had a great time shopping at Piccadilly Circus und down Oxford Street.

Whoever`s youth was sweetend by Harry Potter should see its setting, London, in real life. Red double decker buses and the changing weather create an atmosphere full of suspense to explore the Kingdom.  When it’s getting dark outside, the bridges and tourist attractions shine in all kinds of different colours.

Writing our own story is the final work of this project course by Mrs Turner and because the task sets the story in London we had the great chance to find places and people we would like to write about.
With eyes wide opened, we let London inspire us and were impressed by the beauty of the buildings and the affability of the British.  Besides, the food was incredibly delicious!!  All sorts of Asian restaurants, Fish & Chips, plenty of fried chicken, the best burgers and a whole lot of sandwiches are offered.   
Being able to let creativity flow by having a comparatively large freedom for the final project made the creative writing class the right choice for me. I surely can recommend this class and wish you nice impressions!